Dr. Darian Senn-Carter is a fantastic coach.  He is insightful and kind - and really helps guide you to discovering your own insights.  I would recommend him to anyone looking to access their intuition, develop their potential, or resolve any unresolved issues that they want to finally tackle.


Dr. D is top notch! He is inspiring and motivating; a consummate leader, educator, and coach. His ability to successfully connect with people and a variety of different challenges is amazing.  As a life coach, he has been able to really get to the bottom of issues and concerns and successfully lead sessions into life-changing results.


I met Dr. Darian Senn-Carter in a recent training program at our college.  Over a period of eight months, he impressed me with his accomplishments and his positive ‘go for it’ attitude, while complemented by his steady, gentle demeanor.  

Dr. Darian Senn-Carter is a natural coach, listens and asks powerful questions that are challenging yet supportive.  

If you choose Dr. Darian Senn-Carter as a coach you will surely benefit!


If you choose Dr. Darian Senn-Carter as your coach, you are in for a real, life-changing treat.  As Dr. Darian Senn-Carter's coach trainer and mentor, I’ve seen him grow his coaching skills from good to absolutely fantastic!  He blends his skills, talents, and calm presence into his coaching to create just the right environment for personal and professional growth.  Spend a few minutes with Dr. Darian Senn-Carter and you will see exactly what I mean.


Dr. Darian Senn-Carter is an extremely thoughtful and insightful coach and human being. By staying open and in touch with his intuition he is able to ask his clients questions that help them explore and discover their inner leader, gaining clarity about their goals and values and working with them to move their lives forward in meaningful ways. 


Dr. Senn-Carter is a very concerned, considerate and compassionate life coach. He is not only a good listerner, he expands on your thoughts bringing out yuor most inner feelings. He has a way of making you open up without feeling intrusive. His life experiences and support was comforting which made it easy to share my thoughts and feelings.



My wife and I signed up for Cosmic Life Coaching hoping to improve our communication in the lead up to our wedding... ...but we left with so much more. We learned as a couple how to specifically communicate for our ever changing needs. As an Aquarian husband married to a Virgo wife, our alignment when it came to problem solving was frequently on different wavelengths. We often found ourselves misinterpreting each other's intent, even if we were joking with each other. This made wedding planning sessions a chore and only added more stress to the planning of our big day. Through our sessions with "Dr. DSC", we were able to develop a genuine layer of compassion and understanding that allowed us to compromise on our expectations and not only establish a format for wedding planning but life planning as well. Dr. DSC is able to offer excellent insight in just a few brief exchanges. We recommend his services to everyone!


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